Address: 1425 Jefferson Highway
Fishersville, VA 22939
Phone/Fax: (540) 885-6760

Professionally Embroidered Products and Services

We have more than 20 years experience is this business.  You can not be in the business this long without understanding your customers and providing quality products.

Step 1: Design

We can help design or use your existing art work to create beautiful clothing and uniforms.  We work to make it easier for you.

Step 2: Production

Our attention to detail, years of experience and professional machines turn out quality products that duplicate your design.

Step 3: Shipping

Every product is quality inspected, individually folded, and professionally packaged to make sure you products show up undamaged and on time.

Installation Instructions

Note: The Bundle Template is only necessary if the Gantry Library is not installed at /components/com_gantry (J15) or /libraries/gantry (J17).

Step 1 - Installation

  • (J15) Install from Admin → Extensions → Install/Uninstall → Choose File → Select file → Upload File & Install
  • (J17) Install from Admin → Extensions → Extensions Manager → Choose File → Select file → Upload File & Install

rt_momentum_j15.tgz Image Image

Step 1 - Template Default

  • (J15) Make the template default at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_momentum_j15 → Default
  • (J17) Make the template default at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_momentum → Make Default

rt_momentum_j15 rt_momentum - Default Master Image Image

RocketLauncher Instructions

Note: All sample content images will be replaced with blank versions in the RocketLauncher version.

RocketLauncher is a customized Joomla install, that installs a replica of the demo onto your site - inclusive of sample data, content, extensions, the template and sample images.

We always recommend installing a RocketLauncher first to trial and understand the template more efficiently. It must be installed as new, and not over an existing Joomla install.

Step 1 - Upload

  • Download the RocketLauncher
  • Unzip
  • Upload the created folder to your server

Note: You can upload all the files via FTP, or use cPanel or SSH to upload the zip and unzip directly onto the server. Enquire with your hosting provider.

Step 2 - Installation

  • Go to*folder name*
  • Follow the Installation instructions
  • Ensure you click Install Sample Data during installation
  • (J15) Delete the /installation directory on your server
  • (J17) Remove the installation folder in the Installation interface